The customised planning of the tool or equipment is followed by the production phase, according to the specifications defined by the technical office.

Our tools and equipment are produced with cutting edge machinery and innovative technologies to guarantee excellent quality. The technical and production office therefore work in perfect synergy to satisfy all the needs of our clients. The prime materials with which we produce tools and equipment are of the finest quality.

According to the characteristics of the product requested:

  • we acquire the hard metal, obtained from standard compounds, and from the world’s leading production houses;
  • we customise new compounds.

The final result will be:

  • a special tool produced with conventional hard metals;
  • a special tool dedicated to you!

The production is able to satisfy every one of your needs, customising your product! After production of the tool, the following procedures take place:

  • an initial quality check, which confirms correspondence between the plan of the technical office and the product manufactured in terms of length, angles, remains, rounding, dimensions and clefts.
  • Covering, which is different according to the materials that make up the tool, is carried out to extend the lifetime;
  • A definitive check, which confirms the conformity of the finished product to your requests in terms of dimensions.
  • Branding and tool codification

Only after these internal checks have been carried out can the product be labelled, packaged and dispatched to your warehouse. Prime materials of excellent quality, accurate customisation during the production phase as well as scrupulous checks guarantee the best result with regards to your needs.



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